Gold coin Quarter sovereign

Gold coin United Kingdom
Minted by The royal mint
Product group British Sovereign
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Gold coin Quarter sovereign  

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United Kingdom Sovereigns

United Kingdom Sovereigns has long been in British history, and now it has become the most safe-haven investment in the UK. Minted in 1817, United Kingdom Sovereigns is a legal tender that has seen a huge economic crisis in Napoleonic wars. Soon after that, the British government rebuilt its coinage systems based on the "gold standard."

The government introduced a pound gold coin to replace paper pounds. After that, United Kingdom Sovereign gold coins became popular not only in the UK but also in other countries because of its premium quality gold content. The precious gold content stands out due to its rarity, aesthetic, and historic appeal.

The coin has appeared in the the movies several times and always signals reliable luxury, for example in the hands of James Bond. Agent 007 receives a suitcase from Q in the movie "From Russia with love". Inside is a hidden compartment with 50 gold sovereigns in case of emergency.

United Kingdom Sovereigns Face Value
The famous bullion coins were first introduced under King Henry VII, 500 years ago. The precious metal coins have a face value of £1. However, the value is based on old currency values. Monetary policy and inflation change over time and have kept United Kingdom Sovereign gold coins' technical value at this level. The 42 mm gold coin weighs 15.55 grams and has 7.32 pure gold content of pure gold.

United Kingdom Sovereign Gold Coins Design
The reverse side of Sovereign gold coins shows St George on a horse slaying a dragon. The iconic design has some interesting variations and incorporates different symbols. Half Sovereign included a Royal Crest - 'Shield Back,' which was also used on Sovereign coins from 1820 to 1871. The Half Sovereign has imprinted George and Dragon design on it.

For private investors, British sovereign gold coins have permanent and real tangible value. That is why they offer different ways to diversify an investment portfolio and build wealth. The coins offer excellent numismatic and bullion in one investment. Also, they provide intrinsic security of precious metal in the purest form, along with additional profit potential.