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This is Trade boost

We collect products, prices and stock status from all the biggest online suppliers and auction houses several times every day. The products are sorted in real time to present the cheapest option for a specific product that you like.

All products are not 24K gold so before Trade boost it was hard to compare two products. At Trade boost you can find the amount of pure precious metal in oz and gram per product to be able to compare it to another product. You also see how much that pure metal is worth on the market and how much premium (sales margin) the supplier adds to the price. All suppliers have this premium. It's how they make money. Usually the premium goes down if you buy more.

Market prices on gold and silver changes every second, and we currently fetch prices 4 times per day, which means that you should double check the price on the supplier website before you buy.

Trade boost is currently in BETA version which means that the website changes almost every day. If you have an idea about an improvement or feature, we'd love to here about it! Send an email to info [a]